Press Kit

The following press release and hi-resolution imagery (ZIP folders) are suitable for print content. Please be sure to see and credit the artist’s work using the included image credit guide for each exhibit.

Spring 2015 Press Release >

This Art Is Not Mine Images >

THIS ART IS NOT MINE: The Jonathan Abrams and Fay Pfaelzer Abrams Art Collection. As a gallerist and a cardiologist who were passionate about art and how it can transform people, collectors Fay and Jonathan Abrams shaped Albuquerque’s art scene through their philanthropy and their friendships. This exhibition surveys what they gave to UNM during over two decades of supporting artists.

Ace In The Hole Images >

ACE IN THE HOLE: The Legacy of Peter Walch. An inveterate poker player, Peter Walch was Director of the University Art Museum from 1985 to 2001. His ace in the hole was the growth in the museum’s holdings during those years with 7,279 works entering the collections. A portion of that legacy includes pieces by Albuquerque artists on exhibit here.

Pure Feeling Images >

PURE FEELING: Raymond Jonson in Albuquerque, 1934–1978. Raymond Jonson began his career at the University of New Mexico in 1934 but it wasn’t until 1950 that he relocated from Santa Fe to Albuquerque where he mentored numerous artists, produced many of his best-known paintings, and cultivated a vibrant arts scene. This broad ranging exhibition provides a glimpse at Jonson’s life and work during these pivotal years.

Changing Face of Portraiture Images >

The Changing Face of Portraiture. The Changing Face of Portraiture explores the ways prints and photographs from the seventeenth-through nineteenth centuries promoted and manipulated identities in Europe and the United States while writing its histories. Identities are malleable and constructed by both the artist and the sitter. Looking at the physical nature and the use of printed portraits, this exhibit reflects on how these images constructed public and private personas.

Connectivity Images >

CONNECTIVITY: The 21st Annual Juried Graduate Exhibition. There is a palpable charge in the studios of the Department of Art and Art History graduate students. The best art is always personal at its core, but there must be a visceral reaction for the viewer. The 20 artists selected connected to my sensibility for creativity, conjecture, craft, and communication.