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The following press release and hi-resolution imagery (ZIP folders) are suitable for print content. Please be sure to see and credit the artist’s work using the included image credit guide for each exhibit.

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With this exhibition, Out of Many, One, the museum takes a significant step in examining recent work by faculty in the diverse studio areas of the department. Extensive studio visits were conducted by the curators starting in early summer 2015 through the end of spring 2016 and a total of 48 works were chosen, with several entries consisting of groupings of smaller pieces. The themes that are highlighted among the works in this exhibition underscore the diversity and strength of the Department of Art’s studio faculty. The final groupings of light, mapping, portraiture, narrative contexts, abstraction, still life, installation, and performance are meant to bring the museum visitor’s attention to the visible traces in the work that convey the dynamic energy and creativity of the artists included and their ongoing conversations with (and responses to) the larger contemporary field in which they actively work and to which they contribute.

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