Press Kit

The following press release and hi-resolution imagery (ZIP folders) are suitable for print content. Please be sure to see and credit the artist’s work using the included image credit guide for each exhibit.

Fall 2014 Press Release >

David Maisel Black Maps Images >

DAVID MAISEL/BLACK MAPS is a solo exhibition surveying four chapters of Maisel’s larger ongoing series titled Black Maps. Composed of large-scale photographs, this exhibition leads the viewer on a hallucinatory journey through landscapes in the American West that have been transformed through the physical and environmental effects of industrial-scale water diversion projects, open-pit mineral extraction, and urban sprawl.

Luz Restirada Images >

Luz Restirada examines how photographers working in Latin America have navigated the interplay of technology, art and history from the 19th century up to the present as well as the social and cultural role photography has played in Central and South America. Luz Restirada presents works from the UNM Art Museum’s Latin American holdings in an effort to broaden the historical context of art and cultural exchange in this part of the world.

The Gift Tatschl Images >

Artists receive inner gifts of creativity and, if we are lucky, they share them freely. John Tatschl (1906-1982), print maker and recipient of many artistic gifts, created these woodblock prints while on the UNM faculty of Art and Art History. The prints, originally given to the Aquinas Newman Center, were recently donated to the Art Museum.

Jonson Gallery Permanent Collection Exhibition Images >

“Beautiful Disintegrating Obstinate Horror Drawing” and Other Recent Acquisitions and Selections from the UNM Art Museum’s Permanent Collection features highlights from the UNM Art Museum’s significant collection of over 30,000 works of art, the largest public art collection in New Mexico.